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      About US


        Qingdao Yitong Information Technology Co.,LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Emei mountain street, Qingdao economic and technological development zone no. 396 optical valley road industrial park. It is an integrated service outsourcing enterprise co-founded by Beijing Yitianrising Technology Co.,LTD and Qingdao I-Search Co.,LTD. We will dedicate ourselves to providing more professional network marketing, as well as big data analytics and software service outsourcing service for the domestic and foreign enterprises with market demand. We have a work team with more than ten years of experience in Internet advertising and industry leading service and we will make use of software control, accurate delivery, full automatic monitoring and big data analysis to occupy the high-end market of network marketing and provide the soundest solutions and suggestions for enterprises in order to maximize their marketing return on investment ratio

        "Based on native, national service, influencing the global" is the principle of our development. We strive to build China's largest, most well-known network marketing service outsourcing enterprise which is a comprehensive service outsourcing base integrating e-commerce , high-end Internet marketing services, software outsourcing service. Our Yitong Information will become the world's leading software and marketing service providers with the above integrated applications.

      Helping more enterprises to realize global marketing is the persistent goal of our company.

          Contacts US

      Qingdao Yitong Information Technology Co.,LTD

      Address:GuangGu Software Park, No.396 of EMeishan Road,Technical Economic Development Area, QingDao City.

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